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Correct Key

Ted Annemann gave us 7 Keys to Baldpate, David DeVal gave us 7th Key and now Nite Lite Magic presents Correct Key. The performer shows a padlock and passes out seven keys to seven spectators. Each tries his or her key in the lock. The keys turn but do not open the lock. The spectators are each given a small coin envelope and instructed to seal their key in it. An eighth key is brought out. The lock can be opened only with this one key. It is also sealed into an envelope. The envelopes are held and shuffled by a spectator. Another spectator locks the lock and someone picks an envelope. The key is removed and a spectator now opens the lock with the chosen key. Comes with several variations on the routine. Quality Master lock and keys. Can be classified as mentalism or straight magic as well as a prediction

can be done over the phone   $90.00

Magic shop  please contact me  for wholesale prices

Mon-key Box

Mon-key box  goes with correct key


Drop keys in the hole at the top,  The Magician never touches the lock once the  wallet or cell phone is put in the box.

Comes with all instructions  for one heck of a Mentalist routine.   Sure to get laughs.

Typical box  is pictured  and is  $55

Boxes made out of maple will be available soon  for additional cost

Nite Lite Magic...

Jim Grathoff


Laurium Michigan  49913

Our new change bags

New style Change bags are made with a nice lixiable cloth with inner  facing , the pocket device has a plastic stay for control.  The out side top flap lets you control weather  your helper  can see inside or put there hand in until you tell them too.  The bag measures  11 x 11  so its a easy pack flat and play  big bag.  comes in  skull and x bones.  skull and pink bow (funny) mini mouse for  little girl shows..  Halloween candy.  and Santa large and santa small.
great for blendos  but still works great to  tranform small items     $24  each  or two for $46
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